Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VERB - a mutifunctional Sculpture/Furniture

From 5th- 28th February 2009 my new work VERB will go on show at BECA gallery New Orleans, LA. as part of 'NEXT' a Leading Edge Contemporary Art + Design Group Exhibition | Featuring what’s NEW + what’s NEXT in one-of-a-kind and limited edition highly innovative furniture and related accessories, lighting and body adornments. http://www.becagallery.com/gallery/16357/Upcoming%20Exhibition:%20NEXT

For those of you who can recall, I posted this work on this blog on November 7th 2008. In that post, the work was titled Identity as Object an exploration of my identity (see header) as a tangible thing. Between that time and now things have evolved resulting in amazing outcomes some intentional others by intuition.

VERB allows its user to manipulate the form of the object like a set or a prop- to choreograph space.

As the VERB transitions in form it trans-forms in functionality- from stable, balanced objects like a table, a lamp, bench, sculpture, or bookcase, to dynamic locomotive forms that perambulate, rock or spin.

Special thanks to Christopher Cozier, Dave Williams, Damian Libert, Rodell Warner, Terry Smith and David Burke. If it wasn't for you guys non of this would be possible.