Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exhibition- Playful Things ( EroticArt Week09- Alice Yard)

Playful Things ( EroticArt Week09- Alice Yard)This was a challenging project, since I have never created work that dealt with eroticism and have yet to have any great understanding of it.
I honestly wanted to express a sense of desire, play and the power of suggestion, the things we think about doing. This idea in its early stages were to be panels with the images, but at some stage I figured that it not only didn't express the way i want to make work but also had no real impact. A vehicle was needed to carry the idea and that's where the pillows came in. It took it to the bedroom to the idea of touch and comfort, the idea of rest and sleep of privacy and intimacy. I see a connection between thoughts of sensuality, sex and intimacy with the images on the pillows placed together like ' a three petal floating flower ' . Much of this work was about the hidden intention, the tongue you see is actually an elbow, the buttocks are knees and this is the kind of personal play that I wanted to express. In installing the work i locked the box as if saying to the viewer, you are peeping in on a private moment.

Special thanks to Melissa Darbeau for making these objects possible
Damian Libert and Richard Rawlins for their photo documentation
EroticArt Week09 team for OPENing the space.